Incontinence in the Elderly

Products and information for elderly incontinence needs.
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Incontinence in the Elderly

When you’re managing incontinence, be it long-term or while you’re undergoing treatment, your top priority is maintaining your dignity. Although millions of people share your plight, it’s not always possible to let go of the sense of the emotional embarrassment over having incontinence. But you can avoid the physical embarrassment through personal protection products.

Incontinence manufacturers have no embarrassment about developing items to contain leaks and protect both your skin and your clothes, even your furniture. They also have no embarrassment about marketing them. Poise, Depend and Tena are just three brands airing TV commercials and print ads to get out the message that help is available. In fact, the sheer number of products flooding the market has made it a bit more challenging to sort through the choices. And even reading this blog probably hasn’t left you emboldened enough to want to stand in the drugstore aisle comparing package descriptions. This is exactly where a helpful website can come to the rescue.

On a site like, you can learn about the different functions of incontinence products in a wide range of categories and then compare the choices. For instances, there are pads that slip into your own underwear or you can choose special washable or disposable incontinence underwear. There are incontinence briefs that are worn like regular underwear or that fasten with tabs to create a more snug fit. Skin care items, from washes to barrier creams, are also available—it’s not always discussed that exposure to urine can irritate delicate skin, leading to more discomfort. Products are available to both prevent and repair this damage.

Nighttime incontinence can be managed with incontinence choices designed with a higher holding capacity. And you can double your efforts by protecting your mattress in the event of a leak—mattress covers, disposable pads and sheets backed with waterproof material are all available to accommodate any size of bed. You can find a great incontinence buying guide at And when you’re ready to try a certain style of briefs, you may be able to get a free sample by calling the site’s customer service number.

If you’ve shied away from getting the right arsenal of products, ask yourself if it’s because you equate buying with admitting you have a problem. Be honest with yourself, and then take the first step to really taking care of yourself and your needs. View gender specific incontinence products for men and women. Anything less is just hurting yourself and taking away from your quality of life.

Incontinence Pads and Liners

Incontinence Pads & Liners
Incontinence pads, guards and liners are designed for adults with relatively minor incontinence problems.

Adult Cloth Diapers

Adult Cloth Diapers

Washable & resusable adult diapers.

Disposable Briefs
Disposable briefs are popular incontinence products that provide comfort and confidence.

Bariatric Briefs
Bariatric briefs are extra Large (XL and XXL) disposable adult diapers.